All Smee Designs freebie patterns are for your private use ONLY. Please do not distribute, sell or in any way abuse copyright with these patterns. And, if you come up with a groovy use for them, send in a photo!

You will need Adobe Acrobat. It is available for free download off the Adobe site if your system does not have it already installed. Click on the pdf files at the bottom of the screen to download.

Holiday Elf-2014

A relaxing little stitchery!






Marching Men Wall Hanging 


Pixie Stitchery PDF


Calvary Wall Hanging

Derived from Russian jewelry from the 14th century. Something to remind us that Easter is a little more serious than bunnies and chocolate. Use a gold patterned red fabric for the background. Size is 14 x 16 inches, with 1/2 inch binding strips.









Are you Insane??? Stitchery
Drive yourself nutty with an indian carpet themed stitchery. Size is 17 inches, so you'll need to print out the PDF in sections and stick it together. I've used colour pencils and fabric fixer, and then DMC metallic threads. Enjoy, and see you at the asylum!


Elves Christmas Tree Stitchery

It's a tough gig, but someone's got to be the bottom Elf!









Christmas Eve - 0 B.C.

DON"T trace the copyright info onto your fabric!!